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    Based in Poggibonsi (SI), Elsalink is a company for the creation of turnkey machine digitalization systems. Young but rich in experience in electromechanics and electronics, it makes use of software and hardware technicians to provide the customer with a complete product: turnkey, in fact. The experience was born in recent years with the need to digitize machines already present on the market, decisively stimulated by Industry 4.0 or by that digital transformation process essential to make a production activity hyper-connected through new usable data. The reference markets are Agricultural, Automotive and Automation in general.
    Elsalink is aimed at machine owners and manufacturers: in the first case to facilitate communication between the various equipment and/or create a common communication platform within a company, in the second case to develop together with the manufacturer same as Digital Native machines that are able to satisfy Industry 4.0 regulations and go further by managing to intercept the need for usability of data which is becoming urgent for the end user. Equipped with a streamlined structure and rich in technical skills, the company aims to listen to customer needs and create customized solutions aimed at satisfying every specificity: an absolutely tailor-made approach that always places the customer at the center of the project.

    [ Our services ]

    Digitization services

    Analysis of the customer's project

    Analysis of the customer's fleet and management systems

    Targeted study of the client's needs by analyzing the fleet of machines and the management and IT systems available.

    Study of customized solutions

    Study of custom solutions

    Discussion with the customer to define the key points of the hardware/software system to be implemented, sharing the objectives to be pursued relating to the innovative project.

    Hardware and bridge prototyping

    Hardware and bridge prototyping

    Development of customized solutions even on existing systems.

    Development of dedicated web platforms

    Development of dedicated web platforms

    Interface machines and devices on custom platforms for worldwide visualization.

    Production of devices and machine configuration

    Device production and machine configuration

    Operators specialized in the assembly and mass production of devices for the industrial world.

    After-sales assistance

    After-sales assistance

    A team of technicians always ready to respond to customer requests and propose cutting-edge technological solutions.

    Elsalink - digitalisation of machines

    Elsalink is the ideal choice for the implementation of innovative machine digitalization solutions and the optimization of industrial production. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we are able to offer complete and personalized support for the digital transformation of machines, improving their efficiency and making possible more efficient and automated management of production processes.

    [ Our strengths ]

    Digitalization for Industry 4.0

    Increased efficiency

    Digitalization can increase the efficiency of industrial activities through the automation of processes and the collection of real-time data, enabling greater productivity and improved product quality.

    Cost optimization

    Digitalization can reduce manufacturing costs through the elimination of repetitive manual tasks and the optimization of manufacturing processes, enabling greater material efficiency and greater precision in asset management.

    Improved security

    Digitalisation can improve the safety of operators and machines through real-time data collection and analysis, enabling greater failure prevention and greater reactivity in the event of emergency situations.

    Competitiveness on the market

    Digitalization can improve the competitiveness of companies through the adoption of advanced technologies and the digital transformation of production processes, allowing greater flexibility and a better ability to respond to customer and market needs.